Young offers dental professionals the widest variety of prophy cups in both latch and screw type to suit every need. Young guarantees that each cup will provide the same durable, consistent and reliable performance for each polishing procedure. Cups are color coded for simplicity.
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ItemTypeProphy Cup - 40ct
295671LatchWeb, Long, Firm, Latex Free
295672LatchWeb, Long, Soft, Latex Free
295673LatchTurbo Plus™, Long, Firm, Latex Free
295674LatchTurbo Plus™, Long, Soft, Latex Free
295675LatchElite™, Soft, Latex Free
295676LatchElite Flex™, Extra Soft, Latex Free
295677LatchPetite Web™, Soft, Latex Free
295678LatchPetite Flex, Extra Soft, Latex Free
295661ScrewWeb, Long, Firm, Latex Free
295662ScrewWeb, Long, Soft, Latex Free
295663ScrewTurbo Plus™, Long, Firm, Latex Free
295664ScrewTurbo Plus™, Long, Firm, Latex Free
295665ScrewElite™, Soft, Latex Free
295666ScrewElite Flex™, Extra Soft, Latex Free
295667ScrewPetite Web™, Soft, Latex Free
295668ScrewPetite Flex, Extra Soft, Latex Free
295669ScrewPointed Polisher, Soft, Latex Free
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Young, a global leader in oral hygiene products, is pleased to introduce their most innovative product line to the European market. With a strong heritage dating back to 1900, Young prides itself on manufacturing high quality, innovative, and industry best oral hygiene products. With the introduction of our latest offering designed specifically for the needs of the European market, clinicians will truly experience “Smart Oral Hygiene”.

Young Prophy Paste

Young prophy paste powered by baking soda, a time honored ingredient with low abrasivity that’s recognized for its ability to whiten, brighten, and neutralize pH.
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Young Prophy Angles

Young prophy angles are designed to access hard- to-reach areas with ease, while a smooth, round head design make polishing enjoyable for both hygienists and patients. Disposable prophy angles reduce the risk of cross- contamination and save time because they are single use and don’t require disinfection.
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